The Kims and Their Doomed Trip

The SAR Effort: Bungled or Undermined?

Who Was Responsible?

Lessons to Learn

Afterthoughts: Summer 2007

Media and Official Reports Archive


If you're new to the story, start with the overview presented on the
front page of this site, this Introduction, the Summary and the Timeline. Together, they run about 1,600 words, the length of a newspaper article. The remainder of the material here runs another 7,500 words and approaches the Kim saga from a number of angles.

If you’ve already immersed yourself in the story and want to know our opinions, look first at the Summary and then skip to the Who Was Resposible page. Also look at our Lessons to Learn page. For more information about me, see the About Us page. For links to media accounts, official reports, maps, and photos, see the Media and Official Reports Archive page of this narrative.

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